Why Work with Us at Peddlr?

Why Work with Us at Peddlr?

Why Work with Us at Peddlr? because in less than one year since its launch, we can describe Peddlr as a lot of things. It is a start-up company. It is an application. It is a digital alternative to bookkeeping, inventory management, and a storefront – everything that a business needs. But more than all of that, Peddlr is a community made of its developers and its users.

Peddlr is a fast-growing community, recently gaining 100,000 downloads from Google Play Store since its launch in July just this year. Since then, its developers have been in close contact with its users to continuously improve on the application. With the direct feedback from its users and the conceptualization of the developers, the community is able to optimize the application to its current version. But this should not stop there. With its mission to build a digital infrastructure all over Southeast Asia, it is going to need more people with the same mindset in order for this to come into fruition.

What is a day in Peddlr like?

“Both exciting and challenging”.

– Nel Laygo

These are the words from Nel Laygo, the CEO and founder of Peddlr himself. Truly, it is in the very nature of a startup company to be unpredictable. Everyday is a different day that offers a different learning experience for everyone. It will challenge you to think critically but never alone. In a workplace where using sir or ma’am is a taboo, you will be able to provide your insights and ideas as an equal.

Moreover, this system also allows for better work ownership among everyone in the team. As an equal, you can propose and head projects that you think will be relevant and beneficial not just for the company but also its users. This is where we see another benefit of being a part of a startup company: you see the results and the impact of your efforts almost immediately. As you work in close coordination with the users of Peddlr itself, you will be able to see how your actions made a difference in their experience.

Most importantly, working with Peddlr is not your usual 9-to-5 job. In Peddlr, we believe that people have different optimum working hours, and it is not always between 9 AM and 5 PM. For some people it could be early in the morning, just as soon as they finish breakfast; for some, it could be after dinner until dawn. Forcing people to work beyond or before their productive hours is a waste of efficiency.

The secret to how we remain productive and motivated? Peddlr is output based. We believe that one should be able to work whatever time they desire as long as they provide what is expected of them. With this, they would also be able to maximize their own time and still have enough time for themselves and their families – a work-life balance that Peddlr wants its employees to have.

What’s in it for me?

More than anything, Peddlr promotes holistic growth. From your very first day, we ensure to equip you with the necessary tools and hard skills that will help you with your day-to-day activities. Additionally, as a part of a startup company, expect that every day is a learning experience. This would allow you to venture to other things and maybe discover a new talent or spark new interests.

On top of all the hard skills, the community also supports soft skills which you might want to hone or learn. This could include communication skills, or maybe leadership skills. From the very beginning, you will be asked what you want to learn or develop for your own growth. This is done to ensure that everyone aligns with your goal and help you achieve it.

Overall, Peddlr aims to connect and grow together with the people that makes up its community. If this is something that interests you, well you are in good luck as we are on the lookout for great people to be part of the team. “If you want to be challenged, to grow faster, and to create something meaningful for the Filipino community, I think this is the time for you to join a startup; to join us at Peddlr.” – Nel

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  1. Joden

    Hi! I Am Joden. I had the same idea years ago, had a small store but couldn’t afford pos. So I decided to build one. In fact, I am building it for maybe 3 years now, héhe. I still improving mine and been using it on our store. Had so many ideas but limited by my coding skills. Am just surprised to find out about your app. I was hoping about selling my app in play store, but seeing yours somehow dashed it, héhe. So I thought maybe I could be a part of your company, héhe.. It’s a good opportunity for me to learn and be part of something BIG. If there’s a job position, I want to apply for it.

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