What is a Free POS App?

A free POS App is an application that you can download on your digital devices for faster execution of buying and selling transactions.  Also, because it is a free POS App, users do not have to worry about payment upon downloading (in google play store or app store). Signing up will also come in handy for it would not cost users a single centavo.


What is a POS?

Point of sale (POS) is the place where a customer pays, and a seller receives the payment for specific goods or services. Consequently, as a product or service is purchased or availed respectively, a specific amount of money is to be charged from the buyer and is to be claimed by the seller. With the help of a POS System, simply, point of sale or POS is where the customers checkout and the sellers take payment.


Can a POS app really be free?

YES! Companies like Peddlr and the likes provide point of sale systems that are absolutely free of charge. Further, with the Peddlr App, Small, Micro, and Medium Enterprises can now leverage the compelling power and technology . Fostering systemic business operations, assure organized inflows and outflows recording, and boost business growth and profitability. All these, absolutely free.


The POS app is free, but internet and load requirements would burden us?

Peddlr works offline. This means that you would only need internet access during the downloading and registration process. Upon signing in, here are the other application functions you can have for FREE:

1. FREE Inventory Management

Small and Micro entrepreneurs may track their inventory items and its cost through their mobile phone. Thus, manual tracking and recording will no longer be needed.

Small and Micro entrepreneurs may easily sell online to their customers by sharing their store link via SMS, Email, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram Direct Message. To place an order, customers don’t need to download any app or create any account which makes it more convenient.

3. FREE Digital Ledger

Small and Micro entrepreneurs may log, record, track, and monitor their business-related expenses on their mobile phones.

4. FREE Accounting Reports

Small and Micro entrepreneurs will have copies of easy to read profit and loss statements through the application’s inventory insight report.

5. FREE on-the-go records

Small and Micro entrepreneurs will be able to securely access their business information with the application’s cloud data on-the-go.

Why is POS App FREE?

Peddlr  remains steadfast in fulfilling its purpose of existence. Since establishment, it has unceasingly made ways to help small and micro entrepreneurs GROW.

G – enerate a free system that would organize inventories, simplify the bookkeeping process, and remove existing barriers that are presently faced by Small and Micro entrepreneurs.

R – elate to the pain points of Small and Micro entrepreneurs to better grasp their struggles and needs, and promptly provide solutions.

O – wn up the responsibility of taking part in the journey of elevating the status of Small and Micro enterprises in the Philippines and South East Asia.

W – ork hand in hand with determined and passionate Small and Micro entrepreneurs in the quest of championing in the industry in the Philippines, and the entirety of Southeast Asia.


No questions asked,  Peddlr is here to help. Providing a free POS application for Small and Micro Entrepreneurs, with the goal of helping them champion in the industry. All these, for FREE.

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