Peddlr’s Newest Features

Peddlr’s newest features were rolled out last year. These features aim to provide income opportunities for our merchants. Got any idea of what these are?

Peddlr started as a free smart POS and a digital bookkeeping application. At the onset, its focus was to assist small and micro businesses in recording sales, logging expenses, tracking inventory, and understanding business performance. The app generates easy-to-understand accounting reports which makes it easier for business owners to make informed decisions. 

Also, it added three digital ledgers, namely: cash, credit, and payment. These ledgers help businesses to monitor their cash flow, keep track of customers’ credit, and manage expenses, respectively. In fact, one feature that users love is the credit reminder. This allows the owner to send free SMS reminders to their customers’ payables. 

With the addition of revenue streams for business owners, Peddlr’s portfolio has now broadened. We introduced eload and E-supplies last year. The former lets merchants earn additional income by selling e-load, while the latter allows them to buy affordable store products and external devices. Additionally, we offer rebates and promos that help Peddlr users earn more. In other words, eload and e-supplies make earning money easier. 

This 2023, expect more from us. This is not just a quote, but our solemn vow. We will redouble our commitment to provide more opportunities. This goal is the driving force behind our innovation and development of product features. Thus, we will continue to provide an unprecedented array of services by exploring new and exciting opportunities to serve our merchants. 

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