No one starts off being excellent

“No one starts off being excellent; so don’t be too hard on yourself if you make mistakes.” This is what Karina reminds herself of when she was still starting her journey in Peddlr

It was way back in April when Karina started working as HR Technical Recruitment Analyst. As someone new to the job, she allowed herself to be a beginner. 

Karina cannot deny that her job was not easy at first, and that holds true to anyone new to a job. She encountered challenges in recruiting talents, especially during her first few months. There are still challenges but with the guidance of her mentors, things have been easier for her. 

Indeed, the past six months were a great opportunity for her to painstakingly take her time to learn and to grow. And if there’s one lesson she learned the hard way it would be learning to ask questions and seeking help whenever necessary.  Before entering Peddlr, she is very hesitant to ask questions because people might take it the wrong way. But she realized that there is no harm in asking, yet in pretending to know – there is. That is why she always reminds herself to not be ashamed to ask because it opens doors to learning and growth.

Peddlr is a homegrown startup in the Philippines that helps sari-sari stores digitize their operations and earn more through our digital products – eload, e-supplies, bills payments, game pins, and many more!

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