Juggling work responsibilities and family obligations

Juggling work responsibilities and family obligations is no easy task, especially for Maricris – who is a single mother to two amazing kids, but she did just that.

After working as a guidance counselor in the academe, Maricris hopped on to working as a Learning and Development Analyst in Peddlr, and she has been with the company for six months already. 

For the past months, her journey has been a rollercoaster ride. She said that it was a huge adjustment for her transitioning from academe to corporate. There were stark differences in the environment, and how work is done.

She stated that “At first, I really had a hard time. I constantly questioned myself if I’m doing things right.” However, what helped her make it through the challenges is the people in the organization. “My mentor and my colleagues have always been there since the start. They were always ready to lend a hand when I needed help. They patiently mentored and guided me all throughout,” she added. 

With that, the weight of the responsibility she carries as an employee becomes lighter. In effect, she gets to balance her responsibilities and it becomes easier for her to fulfill her role as a mom. “If there’s one thing I like about Peddlr is the consideration it gives to employees,” she said. For that, she is grateful to the organization. 

Indeed, not all heroes wear capes. Some are like Maricris – doing extraordinary efforts to balance out her roles as employee and as a mom.

Peddlr is a homegrown startup in the Philippines that helps sari-sari stores digitize their operations and earn more through our digital products – eload, e-supplies, bills payments, game pins, and many more!

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