Getting Acquainted with the Peddlr App

peddlr app all screen view

Foremost let’s get become acquainted with Peddlr App, and thank you that your choosing to download the Peddlr App. This article, along with the next articles, will serve as a guide on how you can maximize your options with the Peddlr App and become acquainted with us.
The Peddlr app is set to revolutionize micro and small enterprises in the country with its unique
features. Dubbed as the ‘smartest selling tool ever’, the app accelerates ease of doing business online.
Peddlr is best for sari sari stores, food stalls, home-based online and offline sellers, market vendors and
other small and micro businesses

Peddlr is free to download. Free to use.

Peddlr App Features

The Peddlr App is a FREE Smart POS App that assists small and micro business in recording sales, log
expenses and understand business performance. The app generates easy-to-understand accounting
reports. Here are some features of the app.

• Time saving. Will save 1 to 2 daily hours of transaction and bookkeeping.
• Informed decisions. Business owners can make decisions thru business accounting reports.
• On the go. No more worrying of losing business records. Access is on the cloud.
• Offline. Internet connectivity will never be an issue.

peddlr app homepage

Digital POS: This portion of the app allows the user to upload products – product name, product photo, product group, product code (optional), price (standard retail price), and cost. It also allows
the user to customize variant, add-on, notes, and description. User can also add the product to the online store.
Orders. This portion of the app displays the order list – pending, on process, completed, and voided. It also specifies the time, day, date, and type of the product including receipt and amount. This portion also allows the user the sync details on the cloud. Also if you didn’t have idea of What is a Point of Sale (POS) System? you can click that link.

BLVCK Coins: This portion allows the user to earn Rewards including the BLVCK coins transaction log. Users can earn point by referring a friend to download and use the Peddlr App. For every friend referred, the user can earn 100 coins that may be used in future transactions.

Store Link: Tired of setting up your own website/eCommerce store? Not to mention the cost it takes to put up a website (hosting/domain). With the Peddlr app, users can have their own personal link to their
store in which they can share to customers. Users can share their link via FB Messenger, SMS, QR Code, and more.

Expenses. The Peddlr App is more than just a POS. This portion in the app records the expenses of the user. Simply add an expense –expense group, expense name, date, timing, and amount.

Reports: The ‘reports’ portion includes a sale/profit report including stock insights – inventory price, inventory costs, and potential sales margin. The app also indicates which products are top moving.

Ask Questions: This portion redirects the user to the Peddlr Community on Facebook (Peddlr App User Community) as well as instructional videos on Youtube (Peddlr Philippines Inc.).