Employee Testimonial: A Glance at Erron’s Story

They say you can’t step in the same river twice, so even if you’re not ready, take a dip anyway. This adage struck a chord with Erron when he was contemplating whether to take a break after his previous job or apply for the position in Peddlr. The latter won by reasoning that if he let it go, he might not get another chance.

Seven months have passed since he began working at Peddlr, but his enthusiasm for his job has not waned. Every minute he spends in the organization makes him want more. More lessons to broaden his knowledge; more challenges to sharpen his abilities; and more experiences to help him grow. However, his thirst does not imply that the organization provided him with less. In fact, he has already learned a lot, overcame a number of obstacles, and been immersed in a variety of work for the past few months. It only comes from a place of growth because he believes that stagnant work leads nowhere.

If Erron had to pick two important things he learned while working at Peddlr, it would be accountability and efficiency.

First and foremost, you must be accountable in everything you do. “You can never grow if you don’t have a sense of accountability,” he said. Accountability does not only suggest accepting responsibility for your mistakes. It is a delicate balance of accepting responsibility for both the good and bad things that have transpired.

“We all want to improve. We all want to be better. But sometimes no one is brave enough to be accountable for their actions. But growth, success, and progress are tied and go along with accountability.” he added. 

Second, it is about how to work efficiently. According to him, “the willingness and perseverance to do something is not enough. Pacing yourself and pacing what you do is equally important. Too much perseverance and too much workload is eventually detrimental. You overwork yourself for a month, you can’t work for three months.  Pacing yourself for a month will eventually lead you to three months of great outputs.” 

Unexpected situations provide opportunities. Even if you don’t think you’re ready, take it anyway. Sometimes all it takes is a leap of faith. Erron would not be where he is today if he had cowered in fear.

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