Challenges contribute to Growth

Trisha believes that challenges contribute to growth. In fact, the line that says ‘comfort is the enemy of growth’ resonates with Trisha. 

Working as a user experience support is Trisha’s first full-time job. Because before entering the company, she was a freelancer for brands wherein she does campaigns and promotions. So, in a way her transition was easy. Foremost, the nature of the work has similarities such as interacting with people. The difference is that she deals with users of Peddlr virtually.

With that, there is a challenge to always be calm and collected, especially when dealing with irate customers. “Sometimes my patience is being tested but I always choose to stay composed because the company’s name is at stake,” she said. Aside from that, there is also a challenge to think twice when replying to users to get her message across correctly. She stated that “one of the disadvantages of dealing with customers virtually is the tendency to be misinterpreted based on how you construct the message. So as much as possible I read my replies more than once to know that it won’t send the wrong message.”

Even with all the challenges that she has to go through, she never gave up. She believes that there are more reasons to stay in the organization. According to her, “Peddlr helps me utilize the knowledge and competencies I have. The company is excellent in encouraging me to continually evolve and expand my skills.” In addition, she stated that the company “cultivates capabilities and promotes continuous learning culture.”  If there’s a lesson she will always remember it would be that mistakes are inevitable and to commit such is okay as long as you learn from them and move forward. 

Indeed, Trisha’s story is a testament that discomfort can lead to growth. So, step out of your comfort zone to see how far you can go. 

Peddlr is a homegrown startup in the Philippines that helps sari-sari stores digitize their operations and earn more!

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