Business Owners on Using Peddlr App

Back in the days, setting up an eCommerce store is only possible for a limited few. Prior to the rise of social media and mobile applications, the usual method of setting up an online store is by creating a website, which is – undoubtedly – expensive given the hosting plans, domain, and expertise in web development and design. Moreover, integrating payment options on the website may also mean extra costs and security measures. But now most of business owners on using Peddlr App Free POS are happy because you can track order and inventory easily. This luxury of past is now common. Thanks to Peddlr’s store link:

Business Owners on Using Peddlr App
Ms. Angelica Alcantara, Cocowine

A social media post by SSU Technology Business Incubator – Lambat (Local Alliance of Marine-based Businesses and Food Technology) details the story of Ms. Angelica Alcantara, the Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder of Cocowine, and her journey with the Peddlr App.

“Ms. Angelica Alcantara, CFO and Co-Founder of Cocowine, tried for the first time the’s mobile application to to help their startup automate their inventory and financial activities with ease. Cocowine is one of SSU TBI-LAMBAT’s food-based startups and its Co-Founder, Ms. Alcantara, had a product demo of the smart point of sale application last February 24.

Ms. Alcantara was able to navigate the application enjoying its salient features which are:

(1) Digital POS

(2)Smart Inventory Management

(3) Free Online Store and Website

(4) Receipt Printing

(5) Accounting reports

(6) Works offline. No need for data or internet connection

With the partnership between and SSU TBI x LAMBAT, all other startups will soon utilize the application, and hopefully, all small and medium-sized enterprises in Catbalogan City will be able to do the same. Congratulations, Cocowine and Peddlr!

Peddlr is free to download. Free to use.

What other users are saying about Peddlr App

“First of all, kudos to all the people behind this wonderful application. It is actually helping me on my small
sideline of being an aggregator! I am almost giving up when I met this app thru a Facebook post because
of the prices of an eCommerce website I have been inquiring for. It works well, I gave them five stars
because some of the people behind it are very approachable when you ask them for help. And they were
always promising to the full development of this app in the near future.” – Ronnel Contreras, Peddlr App

“It’s a really good application and user-friendly. Can add products in an easy and simple way. This will
help a lot to the user or business to be more profitable and add sales. Thanks a lot for this free app. All
admin are very accommodating as well. No doubt it is a five star.” – Dharyl De Torress, Peddlr App user

“Kudos to the developers behind this app. It helps SMEs to instantly have their own website to sell
products, monitor sales, their cost, and inventories. Sobrang appreciated ko siya. Looking forward for the
app upgrades. Thanks po ulit.” – Emerald Rico, Peddlr App user

Need help? Get top notch assistance via the Peddlr Community on Facebook (Peddlr App User
Community) as well as instructional videos on Youtube (Peddlr Philippines Inc.). Also want to explore and try
how easy and user friendly Peddlr app is? Download now that you will believe what other business owners exprience by using Peddlr App.