Aton Ini: The Best of Samar’s Start-up and Entrepreneurs

Aton Ini: The Best of Samar’s Start-up and Entrepreneurs went off without a hitch last July 30, 2022. This event hosted by Peddlr and Paymongo enabled startup founders and homegrown small business owners to mingle in one venue. Guests shared their entrepreneurship stories and discussed challenges that confront businesses in this era.  

Nel Laygo, CEO and Co-Founder of Peddlr, stated that no specific skill set is required to be a startup founder. 

“Wala naman siyang specific requirement in terms of skillset. As long as you have the ability to solve the problem, and you have clarity on the problem that you want to solve, you can solve it.”

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and there is no set formula for becoming a successful startup founder. He emphasized that you can provide a solution as long as you have the ability to solve a problem and are clear about the problem that you want to solve.

Building a startup is no easy task, but grit and determination to solve a problem can make or break the process. Successful startup founders would not be where they are today if they had not gone through the laborious process of problem solving.

Indeed, the event was a great platform for homegrown small business owners and startup founders in the province of Samar to engage and to share stories. 

May these MSMEs be able to revolutionize their start-ups to thriving growth businesses in the near future!

Peddlr would like to express gratitude and appreciation to our partners Paymongo, Department of Industry, and SSU TBI-Lambat for making this event possible. 

Peddlr is a homegrown startup in the Philippines that helps sari-sari stores digitize their operations and earn more through our digital products – eload, e-supplies, bills payments, game pins, and many more!

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