A Fulfilling Job

A fulfilling job does not only come from getting the grandest recognition. If anything, it comes from being acknowledged for even the simplest actions you take.

It was late last year when Marcelo started working with Peddlr . And since then he has already experienced a lot of things – new things for that matter. For instance, he had to lead projects which he is not used to doing. Despite the fear, he took the chance because he knew his mentors would help and support him at every step. As they say, you take the risk or miss the chance. 

Looking back, he could not be more grateful for all the opportunities that Peddlr allowed him to experience. “I am grateful and happy for everything that I have now,” he said. Because all those experiences contributed to his growth. “Every opportunity helps me develop certain skills and brings me new learnings,” he added.  

If he were to identify his biggest learning experience while working for the company, it would be taking ownership for the tasks assigned to him. For him, ownership entails taking accountability and having commitment for the task at hand. In other words, it is making sure that you see things through and get it done no matter what. “Ownership is the precursor of success,” he stated.  

And if he had to name one significant change in himself, it would be having self-confidence in his work because of Peddlr. “Peddlr boosted my confidence because every ounce of hardwork is recognized,” he stressed.

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