How to Track Orders and Inventory

So, you have successfully uploaded, customized, and organized your product catalog. The next step is to market your store/shop to your customers. The Peddlr App makes it easy for users to share their store/shop link via via FB Messenger, SMS, QR Code, and more. In this article, we will discuss ways to market your store/shop, track orders, and check inventory.

Tracking Orders and Inventory

The “orders” section of the app displays the order list – pending, on process, completed, and voided. It also specifies the time, day, date, and type of the product including receipt and amount. This portion also allows the user the sync details on the cloud. All orders that had been voided are not anymore included on all reports.

Once you receive an order through your store link. Lets assume that you managed to share your store link to your customers and they placed the order using the link. All orders will go directly to the pending invoices for your further processing.

Customers does not need to login, signup or download an app in order to be able to order.

The “expenses” portion in the app records the expenses of the user. Simply add an expense – expense group, expense name, date, timing, and amount. Moreover, the “reports” portion includes a sale/profit report including stock insights – inventory price, inventory costs, and potential sales margin. The app also indicates which products are top moving.

Log all your Expenses for tracking purposes

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